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Highest Car Theft Areas In Toronto

Imagine you are all tired out from work, and all you want to do is get home and relax as you crash on your couch and put on a football match. However, as you search for your parked car, you find it missing! 

Then before you know it, you are three blocks away, still confused if you have forgotten where you put it! Then one fine moment the cold hard truth will sync in as you realize that your car had been stolen.

How would you rate this experience? Obviously, zero stars.

Toronto is a large city divided into various divisions. This queen city has become a hotspot for increasing car thefts. Hence, for your convenience, we have listed out a few areas where your car is most susceptible to theft!

Division 32
This division comprises Lawrence Park North, Bathurst Manor, Newton Brook, Willowdale and Bedford Park. Here a total of 1029 cars were stolen. Police officers tried their best to recover all of them but only 100 more than half were recovered.

​Division 31
Over at Division 31 a total of 956 cars were stolen!. This division includes Humbermede, Black Creek, Western, Downsview and York University. However, the police department had been able to recover a whopping 598 of them!

Division 41
Comprising of Wexford, Merivale, Bendale, Kennedy Park, Dorset Park, Birchcliffe-Cliffside, this division experienced theft of 684 cars out of which 529 were recovered! 

Division 23 
Thistle town Rexdale, Willow Ridge, Westmount, West Way, West Humber and Humber heights are the areas that fall under this division. 669 cars were stolen. However, 457 of them were recovered.

Division 42
This division includes Milliken, Rouge, L’Amoureux , Malvern, part of Steeles Ave.E. And Agincourt. 652 cars were stolen and 481 were recovered.

Division 22
New Toronto, Etobicoke West Mall, Kingsway South, Long Branch, Mimico, Islington City Centre West are the areas falling under this division. A total of 633 cars were reported stolen. Out of these 429 were found and returned to owners.

Division 43
596 cars were stolen from this division. It encompasses Woburn, Guildwood, West Hill, Highland Creek, Morningside and Scarborough Village. Efficiently 439 cars were brought back.

Division 12
371 cars were recovered from the total of 480 cars stolen from this division. Eglinton West and the junction and parts of Lawrence Ave. W. are included here.

Division 33
Bayview Village, Don Valley Village, Parkwoods and Hillcrest village make division 33. 445 cars were stolen out of which the police department was able to recover 321.

Division 14
This division comprises Little Italy, South Park Dale, the waterfront, Little Portugal, Trinity Bellwoods and Dovercourt. 349 cars were successfully found from the 421 that was stolen by thieves. 

Which Car Models Are More Susceptible To Car Theft?

Getting your car stolen could be like your worst nightmares coming to life! However, the type of car that you drive makes a lot of difference, as some cars are a lot more likely to be stolen than others. The ultimate motive of most car thefts is to break it down and sell it off for parts to make as much money as possible. They tend to choose cars which could easily be broken and sold at a good rate.

Unfortunately, even if you are driving around a rusty, and poorly functioning car from a decade ago, chances are it could still be stolen especially if someone was out for some quick cash! Yet, it of course reduces the chances of theft. On a more general note when we are talking about the most stolen vehicles in Canada, the Ford F series is leading. Ford F 350, the 2000 model is on the top. The 2006 and 2005 models are a close second.

However, the Ontario statistics of auto theft narrate another story. The car thieves target land Rover, Range Rover sport 2014, Lexus RX 350 and 2011 and the Land Rover Range Rover Sport.  Toyota Highlander models are also targeted more along with luxury SUVs. As the street racing rings expand, 330 Honda civics experience the spike in their theft.

It is no secret that luxury vehicles are like honey to these Bee like car thieves. Luxurious cars can be sold abroad. The price they would get for these cars would be higher as compared to regular common cars. Obviously, there is a risk of selling the stolen cars in the same city or area so these are transported to the buyer in foreign countries or different states. The risk of car theft is definitely not limited to expensive cars only. If you are living in an area where there is an increase in car thefts then there is a chance that your car could be stolen irrespective of its value.

The police department so far has been active and enthusiastic in trying to get the cars back. They have even issued alerts from time to time to make people aware of ongoing theft in and around the neighborhood.  Considering the efforts of police officers in finding cars it can give you a little peace of mind to know that there could even be a pretty good chance of getting it back.  However, it wouldn’t hurt to take the necessary steps and be cautious about their surroundings.

What Can You Do To Protect Against Car Thefts In Your Neighbourhood?

Car thieves nowadays have all sorts of equipment and tools to break into a car. It doesn’t take them more than a few minutes to steal the car. If they find a good opportunity which could be a mistake on your part then consider your car stolen.  Purchasing a car is a hefty investment. Losing it to robbery can be devastating and expensive. Some precautionary steps can be implemented by individuals to reduce the chances of the car being stolen.

The first and most basic thing you can do which can be applied to any problem is being vigilant. You should know your neighborhood pretty well. If you find anyone suspicious or any suspicious activity going around then immediately report to your local police. After parking your vehicle make sure that you don’t leave behind any keys/fobs in the ignition. Don’t even hide a spare key inside your car. Make sure you lock the car and activate security alarms without fail.

Try not to leave any expensive or valuable item in the car. If you don’t have any option then lock them in the trunk safely. Take note that the windows are rolled up and the sunroof is also shut.  For better safety, you can buy a tracking device or a secondary vehicle alarm system. This would provide better protection and would put your mind at ease as well.  It is advised that you don’t hang your keys near the doors or exit and keep them in a container so that signals can be blocked on the fobs. Dashboard cameras are also available that can record activity happening around your car as well. 

If there is parking available in the garages then make sure you park there. Leaving your car on less populated streets or unknown alleys increases the risk of them being at least vandalized if not stolen.  You can’t predict what you don’t have an idea about. Unfortunately, if your car does get stolen then you report to your insurance company and nearest police station immediately. Have faith in the police officers that they will try their level best to bring your car back to you.

Summing It Up

Toronto has been an unsuspecting, and even unfortunate victim of auto thefts. Some areas experience car thefts more than others. The highest ratio of stolen cars is prevalent in division 31, 32 and 41. People who live in these divisions have to take extra precautions to ensure the safety of their vehicles.

As we have just seen, there are a few steps even individuals can take to ensure the protection of their cars. These additional security systems and tools can go a long way in making your car much harder to steal, or at least easier to track if it does! 

Although the Toronto police may be able to recover a lot of cars, it is still no excuse not to be vigilant! The department is on high alert automatically if the theft increases. They will leave no stone unturned to assist in finding your vehicle.

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