How I spent my day in Toronto on a budget

How I spent my day in Toronto on a budget

Large cities have an almost infinite number of activities to do and sites to see, but travelling and visiting big cities can become expensive very quickly. If you’re looking to see some of the sites that make Toronto, Toronto here’s a few budget-friendly venues to visit while you’re in the city.

Centre Island
While Toronto is a large metropolitan city it still has a surprising amount of green space, and one of the best nature sanctuaries to visit is Centre Island. Full of trails, you can rent bikes to ride along or simply explore the trails on foot. You can pack a picnic and bring the kids to enjoy a day in the wading pools, or play volleyball on one of the courts available. Centre Island is a way to feel as though you aren’t in the middle of a big city, while still being in a big city. During the summer there is even an amusement park for the whole family to visit. To get to the island you do need to take a ferry, which you can catch at 9 Queens Quay W, so there’s a small fee but this attraction is very budget friendly for the whole family.

Kensington Market
Toronto is full of sophisticated and chic boutiques, grocery stores and cafes but this market is definitely none of those things. This market is an eclectic mix of a bunch of neighbourhood stores and vintage shops. Here you can browse through natural food shops, fruit stalls, Latin American grocers and so much more. The Victorian buildings in this market are covered in bright graffiti, which definitely draws your attention to the detail of the art. This unique market has an edgy, progressive and independent feel to it so it’s a great way to spend your days without emptying your wallet (unless you want to do some shopping, of course). You can find Kensington Market at the corner of College Street and Dundas, and it forms a large square around several city blocks.

Dundas Square
This is another square in Toronto that is always busy and full of entertainment. On the southeast corner of Yonge and Dundas you can find free events, performances and even art galleries. This square is one of the busiest intersections in Canada, so it’s no surprise the events here draw in unprecedented numbers of people to take in everything the performances have to offer. Here you can also find a water play sculpture in the center of the square where pedestrians are encouraged to play in the water during the warmer months. This is a part of Toronto you don’t want to miss!

Ripley’s Aquarium
This activity isn’t completely free, but it won’t break the bank as a fun family activity, either. Located at 288 Bremner Blvd, this venue has all kinds of aquatic creatures for your family to watch and learn about. Here you will see over 13,000 specimens from over 450 species while experiencing the moving sidewalk taking you through the Dangerous Lagoon tunnel. There are also hands-on touch pools for kids to experience different aquatic animals. Your family can also experience the Canadian Waters exhibit where you will learn about local marine life, or you can focus on the exotic fish habitats from across the world. 

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