Top 10 High Schools In Toronto

Top 10 High Schools In Toronto

1. Saint Michael’s Choir (Senior), Toronto  
St. Michael’s Choir (Sr) is a high school located at 66 Bond Street, Toronto, Canada. It is an all-male school providing elementary, primary and secondary education to male children. It is semi-private.  This school tops Fraser’s list every year depicting its brilliance in education and extracurriculars.
In Michael’s choir, there is a rigid academic and music schedule. Even after the day’s classes of academics, there would be extra music classes devoted to piano enthusiasts or any other musical instrument. If you have a passion for music, though you aspire to pursue it or not, this school is a must-go.
The Christmas concert hosted every year on Christmas is a blast where talented young children of the school get to showcase their musical talents to a wider audience and essentially get recognized.
2. Ursula Franklin Academy, TorontoUrsula Franklin Academy is commonly abbreviated as UFA and is located in the High park neighbourhood of Toronto.
This school focuses on catering good values to students along with providing a lot of knowledge. Their main core values are self-esteem, community service, connected knowledge, democracy, high expectations and diversity.
The whole school runs on the rules and regulations laid out by Dr. Ursula Franklin, the founder of the school. A typical day for students of this school includes four day rotations of classes. They have a wide range of opportunities to explore their interests and passions apart from academics. This helps Ursula Franklin Academy to stand out of other schools abiding by the classic curricula.
3. Cardinal Carter Academy for Arts 
Cardinal Carter Academy for Arts is a Catholic high school located at 36 Greenfield avenue, North York, Toronto. Getting admission into the school requires an admission test which is actually an audition. You need to do well in the audition to get selected into the school.
This school has proved itself to be the best school among every other institution in Ontario on multiple occasions. Admission into this school is primarily done for younger age children. Once the grade rises up to high school, there are a very few openings and that too at random times of the year based on the dropping g of the previous seat.
All of this clearly indicates that getting into the school is not an easy task and takes up loads of effort and hard work.
The arts taught in the school include visual arts, vocals, band, strings, instrumental music, drama and dance. A lot of notable alumni from this school have contributed to the artistic communities till now and are still breaking the records.
Along with such rich art culture, academics are given significance and maintained on par with other students.

4. Leaside High School 
Lea side High School is located at 200 Hanna Road, East York, Toronto. This school is moderated by Toronto District School Board. Lea side was once named as the Best Toronto School for Languages.
This school does not focus on a particular thing and tries to provide it all. Students of this school who have graduated spread out into various fields and career paths but were still seen to share some common ground. And this common ground was their achievements. No matter which field they are in, they are topping the arena.
The author Margaret Atwood, Terry Fallis, actors Will Arnett, Laura Bertram, football player Mike Bradwell, musicians Edwin and Warren Hill and many other notable alumni hail from this school.
If stated that success in life is taught at this school, try not to be bewildered because it is a fact.

5. Earl Haig Secondary School 
Earl Haig Secondary School was formerly known by the name Earl Haig Collegiate Institute is located at 100 Princess Avenue, North York, Toronto. It is a public school.
Along with the extensive curriculum of the school, it provides a Claude Watson Arts Program. Entrance into this program requires the student’s audition into the program.
Every student graduating from this school is expected to have passed in the academic curriculum along with majoring in one of these five

● Dance
● Drama
● Music
● Film Arts
● Visual Arts
6. Father John Redmond Catholic SchoolFather John Redmond Catholic School is a Catholic Secondary school at 28 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Dr, Toronto, Canada.
They provide various programs such as the Advanced Placement (AP) program, Arts Focus program, Regional Arts program. It is moderated by Toronto Catholic School Board.
They provide majors in justice, community safety and emergency services. It is a regional arts school highly prioritised towards grades 9 to 12.

7. Saint Frere Andre Catholic Secondary SchoolSaint Frere Andre Catholic Secondary School is a French Catholic School on 330 Lansdowne Avenue Unit A, Toronto. It is a public school.
This school instills values, morals and good beliefs in students rather than just good education. This helps the children to think morally and live elegantly while dealing with the outer world’s competence.
8. William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate 
William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate is a public high school at 20 Tillplain Road, North York, Toronto. It is a semestered school. Academics are of top priority in this school and the students are overly ambitious towards achieving their academic dreams. Fraser Institute ranked this school as the best school under Toronto District School Board. This achievement should speak a lot about this school and clear you away from your dilemmas.
It has multiple programs such as the MaCS program, Gifted Program, Advanced Placement (AP) program and FIT program boosting children into the competitive world.
The MaCS program focuses on advanced Mathematics, English, Science and Technology teaching. The Gifted Program is only for gifted students of the school. The AP program includes Calculus, Chemistry and Computer Science classes.
9. Le College Francais 
Le College Francais is a private secondary school on 185 Avenue Fairmount O, Montreal, Toronto. Just as the name suggests, this is a French school in Canada. This school is very far apart from all the schools spoken of until now.
It certainly requires its students to know French as the majority of the subjects and converts occur in French in this school. Apart from that sports are given high significance in this school. The famous child actors, Sam Earl from Degrassi: The Next General and, Damar Albuzei who also starred in the same TV series hail from this school.
10. North Toronto Collegiate Institute  
 North Toronto Collegiate Institute is a public school with curriculum not categorised into semesters and is located on 17 Broadway Avenue, Toronto, Ontario. It is operated under the Toronto School District Board. This school has a history of standing still and providing premium education for about 110 years now.
This school is the best if your child is an all-rounder or do-it all. It provides every academic excellence along with a good addition of extra curricula’s.
It has 50 sport teams along with sport clubs and in-school as well as inter-school leagues. A lot of these teams went onto national and international tournaments in the previous years. They have football, basketball, archery, skiing, golf, tennis, softball, badminton and many other sports.
The school has many clubs, a few common whereas a few unique to the school such as a TedX club, Gay Straight Alliance, Anime Manga Club, UN Model Club and others.
It has many 3 school publications out of which Graffiti is a bi weekly newsletter that has won many awards and appraisals not only from the school but also by the communities of North Toronto.
Its music program is on a whole different level helping many music enthusiasts achieve their dreams in music.
With this, we hope that you have gotten a good deal of information about Canadian high schools and how they have gone a long way in developing the country as a whole as well!