Woodbine Park

Woodbine Park

​Toronto has so many parks to visit so that you can get outside and enjoy nature while still living in the middle of the big city, and Woodbine Park is one such area that you need to know about and enjoy. This park is located at 1695 Queen Street E in Toronto and it regularly hosts events during the summer so there’s always something entertaining going on in this area. If you live close to the park, or even if you don’t, it’s a great place to spend time with the family and here’s a little more information on what you can expect from the area. 

Woodbine Park

Neat Local Events
From Woofstock, which celebrates our four-legged family members, to an international jazz festival you’ll definitely find something suited for everyone here. While the events are going on at this park, you can still access the park for walking around and getting some fresh air so the park isn’t closed off to anyone not attending the event.

Great Facilities
While it’s nice to have special events happening at your local park, sometimes you just want a space you can enjoy the outdoors when the weather gets nicer and Woodbine Park gives you that. At this park you’ll find a pond, a splash pad for the kids to enjoy, bike trails to ride along and an additional playground for the kids to play on.

Close to a Beach
Woodbine Park extends across Lakeshore Boulevard and opens right up onto a beach you can swim at. The beach features about 3 km of sandy shoreline right along Lake Ontario. This is a really great spot for picnics, family vacation days and summer evening walks along the beach. In the summer there are always lifeguards on duty so that you’re always going to be safe while enjoying the beach.

If you’re feeling a little competitive, there are beach volleyball courts you can use while you’re here to get a few matches in and show off your skills. There is a bathing station to wash off the sand from the beach after a day here. If the beach isn’t quite your thing, there is the Summerville outdoor pool for swimming without the sand that seems to get everywhere.

Scenic View
This park offers fantastic views, all year round, of Lake Ontario so as you walk along the trails you may actually forgot that you’re right in the middle of a big city.

Living in a big city can sometimes make it seem very difficult to find, let alone enjoy, green space but Woodbine Park is a perfect spot to get out and enjoy some beautiful nature. From bike trails to a sandy beach and an outdoor pool, this park has so much to offer local families who just want to spend some time together being outside. If you have family or friends visiting from out of town then you can bring a picnic, and a great book and just lose a day making some wonderful memories with your family.

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